ING012 Once Upon A Jungle


ING012      Once Upon A Jungle, by Laura Knowles, James Boast, hardcover

A colorful jungle of animals depicts the circle of life.

Enter the jungle with this striking book that animates the food chain through saturated color illustrations and simple poetic language. Children will learn how the circle of life fuels the jungle ecosystem, supporting life up the food chain only to start again literally at ground level. Young readers will enjoy exploring the illustrations for the many animals hiding between and under the leaves and flowers and in the treetops.

The book closes with an expansive gatefold showing all of the animals from the previous pages, and many more, all hiding and waiting to be spotted. Text entitled “Living World” explains the circle of life and the ecological link between animals, earth, air, water, and all that supports the world we live in.

Once Upon a Jungle‘s atmospheric illustrations, large text, and double gatefold will make this a surefire hit with children, especially early readers and for story time.