HL49003158 The Recorder Anthology – Volume 4


HL49003158     The Recorder Anthology – Volume 4 – Dance Music, Arranger: Bernard Thomas

“The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology” presents a wealth of music from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. Although the bulk of the collection is laid out for a variety of four-part ensembles there are also duets and trios, as well as five- and six-part pieces.

The repertoire includes both original instrumental works and transcriptions of vocal pieces. There are lively and stately dances, fantasias, and arrangements of expressive madrigals, catchy chansons and more restrained religious pieces; all are chosen for their effective realization by recorder consorts.

Contents: Anonymous: La Danse de Cleves (SAT) • Anonymous: Pavana in passo e mezzo (SATB) • Anonymous: Saltarello “La barca del mio amore” (SATB) • Anonymous: Pavana “La fasane” (SATB) • T. Susato: Bergerette “Dont vient cela” (SATB) • J. d’Estrées: Basse danse “Bernadine” (SSAT) • E. du Tertre: Pavane & Gaillarde (SAATB) • E. du Tertre: Branle de la guerre (SATB) • E. du Tertre: Branle (simple) (SATB) • E. du Tertre: Branle (simple) (SATB) • P. + B. Hessen: Allemande “Jamais n’aymeray masson” (SATTB) • C. Othmayr: Ein beurisch Tanz (SSAT) • Anonymous: Polish Dance (ATTB) • G. Mainerio: Putta nera ballo furlano (SATB) • G. Mainerio: L’arboscello ballo furlano (SATB) • Anonymous: Pavan with Divisions (SSATB) • A. Holborne: Pavan (SAATB) • A. Holborne: (Nowell’s) Galliard (SATTB) • C. Negri: Barriera (SATB) • C. Negri: Bianca fiore (SATB) • G. Zanetti: Passo e mezzo (SATB) • G. Zanetti: Ballo de colla (SATB) • G. Zanetti: Pavaniglia (SATB) • G. Zanetti: La bella pedrina (SATB) • P.F. Caroubel: Branle gay I (SAATB) • P.F. Caroubel: Branle gay II (SAATB) • P.F. Caroubel: Branle gay III (SAATB) • M. Praetorius: Ballet (SATB) • M. Praetorius: Ballet (SATB) • M. Praetorius: Ballet des matelotz (SATB) • M. Praetorius: Volte (SAATB) • W. Brade: Courante (SSATB) • after Playford: Grimstock (SATB) • after Playford: Goddesses (SATB) • after Playford: Heart’s Ease (SATB).

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