HL09970578 World Music Drumming


HL09970578     World Music Drumming – New Ensembles and Songs – A Cross-Cultural Curricular Supplement

Series: Expressive Arts

Format: Softcover

Audio Online

Composer: Will Schmid

A cross-cultural curricular supplement. In just five short years, WORLD MUSIC DRUMMING has become the hottest new addition to the school music curriculum. In thousands of classrooms (grades 3-12) across the U.S. and Canada, teachers have found that this active, hands-on approach really works. Through the teamwork approach to learning West African and Caribbean drum ensembles with songs and movement, teachers are able to reach all of the students – even in middle school! Now comes Will Schmid’s new book and play along audio, World Music Drumming: New Ensembles and Songs, that supplements the original World Music Drumming curriculum. These new pieces expand the drumming spectrum to include new culture areas and contemporary drumming styles. All pieces and songs have been kid-tested by grades 3-12.