G-CD-437 Round and Round the Garden – CD


G-CD-437      Round and Round the Garden – CD – Music in My First Year: First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers, Round and Round the Garden

It’s all here: bounces, lullabies, songs for tickling and wiggling…music and rhymes from Feierabend’s wonderful early childhood books! Each CD combines the very best for each age group from all five books—more than 60 selections on each recording, complete with a fully illustrated booklet of lyrics and special directions.

All songs are performed with only one voice, guitar and string bass, following Feierabend’s philosophy that simplicity in musical accompaniment makes it easier for children to focus on the important melody of the song.

With this collection, John M. Feierabend and Luann Saunders present a simple way to make a connection between adult and child and develop a child’s imagination, as well as enjoy a wonderful playtime together.

Contents: Giggles – Ride-o – Here Come Three Kings – Ride a Cock-Horse – This Is Bill Anderson – To Market, to Market – O Miss Sippy-o – Let’s Go to the Wood – Row, Row, A-Fishing We’ll Go – This Little Baby – This Little Piggy Went To Market – This Kitty Said – This Little Mousie – Fais Dodo – Rock-a-Bye – Rain, Rain, Go Away – A Little Flea Went Walking – Bumble Bee – Old Hawk Goes – These Are Baby’s Fingers – Bird Fly Away, Away – ‘Round and ‘Round the Garden – Pitter, Patter – Pat-a-Cake – Shoe the Horse – Climb Up the Ladder – Shoe the Colt – Soft Kitty – Ally BAlly – Bim Bam, Biri Biri, Bam – Hush, My Babe, Lie Still and Slumber – Riding Here to Get Married – Handy Spandy – Trot On to Boston – Bimbo, Bimbo – Bossy-Cow –  Ride, Charley, Ride – Seesaw, Margery Daw – The First Little Pig – This Little Wind – Fire! Fire! – Laughing Baby Susan – The Dog Sats ‘Bow-Wow’ – Johnny Had One Friend – There She Goes – ‘Round and ‘Round – I’m Gonna Bore a Hole – My Father Was a Butcher – Shear the Sheep – Tommy Thumb Is Up – 1,2,3 – What Do I See? – Hot Cross Buns – Clap Hands ‘Til Daddy Comes Home – Hickory, Dickory, Dock – Little Hand – There Was a Mouse – Two Little Eyes – Baloo Baleerie – Bye-o, Bye-o, Bye-o Baby – Little Baby Sweetly Sleep