G-8195 Together Again in Harmony


G-8195     Together Again in Harmony by Diane M. Lange

A practical guide for elementary and middle school teachers

General music educators are always striving for ways to improve instruction and become better teachers. By combining the learn-by-doing approach of Orff Schulwerk with the sequencing of musical skills in Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, Diane Lange truly shows that these two visionary methods work Together in Harmony.

This second volume provides even more great activities and teaching suggestions, perfect for grades K-5.

In the first three chapters, Lange covers the basics of Orff Schulwerk, Music Learning Theory, and how they can be coordinated for maximum learning—the perfect “balanced diet” of songs and activities. Chapter 8, the hands-on portion of the book, includes 36 lesson plans and music that put these ideas into practice.

Each activity includes information about suggested grade levels, objectives, and instructions for harnessing both Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning THeory. When the ideas of Orff Schulwerk and Music Learning Theory are combined, each class becomes a musical adventure.

These two approaches efficiently achieve the main goal of every music educator: to develop independent musicians who can intelligently communicate their musical ideas.