G-7690 The Derby Ram


G-7690 The Derby Ram by John M. Feierabend

Series: First Steps in Music


Read! Listen! Sing along!

The tall tale and children’s folksong, The Derby Ram, has delighted children (and adults) for generations, and is stunningly brought to life in this storybook from John M. Feierabend and Jackie Roche. This picture book is one in a series based on beloved children’s folksongs, part of John M. Feierabend’s lifelong goal to identify and preserve the best music of our heritage for future generations.

Gorgeous illustrations by Jackie Roche invite children to use their imaginations to invent still more tall tales about the enormous Derby Ram. The fully-notated version with lyrics is included at the end of the book with notes about the history of the song by John M. Feierabend.

As with the other great books in this series, The Derby Ram is certain to be a favorite of today’s children—another wonderful chapter in the continuing legacy of this delightful, classic songtale.

John M. Feierabend, PhD, has spent decades compiling songs and rhymes from the memories of the American people in the hopes that these treasures will be preserved for future generations. He is Professor and Chair of the Music Education Department at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford.

Jackie Roche is a graduate of the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, where she studied Illustration and American History. This is her first book.