BPP-GFMM Mallets and More!


BPP-GFMM     Mallets and More!, by Gloria Fuoco-Lawson

How do you introduce and develop the ability to play Orff instruments in children? In Mallets ‘N More!, Gloria Fuoco-Lawson presents original songs, classic folk song arrangements, and movement activities with Orff process lesson plans and full Orff-style orchestrations for beginning, intermediate, and advanced elementary music students.

Orff Schulwerk emphasizes movement and music for children and Gloria uses movement to introduce mallet technique to the youngest students. Improvisation is another component important in the Orff method and the activities for intermediate and advanced players include many opportunities for student creativity.

 From Gloria: Children of all ages need to acquire the experiences necessary for success in the music classroom. These experiences include, speech, body percussion, movement, singing and playing instruments with improvisation included throughout.