BPP-BSA Sounds Abound


BPP-BSA Sounds Abound by Brent Holl / book and online supplemental materials

Sounds Abound addresses the usage of functional and non-functional harmony in the context of Orff Schulwerk and the orchestration techniques specifically for the Orff instrumentarium coupled with ethnic, pop, and folk instruments. A Master Class in harmony, Sounds Abound will inspire Level course teachers, beginning Orff teachers and anyone interested in maximizing the magic of the Orff instrumentarium.

From the Simple Bordun to basic jazz chords, from the most straightforward functional harmony to more complicated harmonizations, these models will help you arrange tunes and songs for students of all ages and get the most out of your collection of Orff Instruments.

Supplemental materials include reference-only audio tracks of many of the pieces in the book.

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