BPC200 Stretchy Band


BPC200      Stretchy Band

These bright Stretchy Bands** are made of latex  tubing covered with fabric and include a hook and loop closure.  They are great for practicing numerous goal areas and group activities. Practice making shapes, rhythm, and boundary issues. Music Therapists, Music Together, and Music Educators love using this movement prop with their clients and students.

Kids also love to play group games with the stretchy bands. Includes a drawstring bag, activity sheet, and is machine washable.  Available in four different sizes.

Small stretchy band is 6 feet in circumference ~ 2-5 people or 6 children.

Medium stretchy band is 12 feet in circumference ~ 5-8 people or 10 children.

Large stretchy band is 18 feet in circumference ~ 8-11 people or 22 children.

XL stretchy band is 24 feet in circumference ~ 11-14 people or 28 children.


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large