BLA Three Soprano Recorder Books W/Piano CD


This three book package comes with the piano accompaniment CD for FREE!

Big Ben: Eight easy pentatonic pieces. These pieces are untitled so feel free to make up your own! Big Ben presides over every hour of day and night, summer and winter alike. There are morning and evening pieces here, work-time and play-time pieces, pieces for all sorts of hours if not for every hour.

Adventures In Style: Ten easy add-a-note pieces from Baroque to Blues. Every musical performance is an adventure in style and great care must be taken in the proper learning of each piece with respect to exact rhythms, correct notes and good quality of tone. However, a truly expressive rendition involves sensitivity to what makes each style unique.

Lift Your Voices: Three easy songs for voices and recorder. These songs were especially composed to be performed in concerts and assemblies to accommodate large groups of beginning recorder players combined with young voices. Although the pieces are simple, if performed well, the overall effect is dramatic and moving. “Lift Your Voice” or “Song Of Brotherhood” make very effective finales or festival pieces.

Package of these three books plus FREE piano accompaniment CD.
BLA $12.65