12″ Cajon Tab


12″ Cajon Tab

Our 12″ Jumbo CajonTab® is slightly larger and lower in tone than our 10″ Standard CajonTab®.

Although it is only 2 inches wider on each side, the Jumbo actually has 44% more tapa surface area than the 10″ model. (12×12=144, 10×10=100). The 12″ drum is considerably lower in tone than the 10″ drum, making the Jumbo the drum of choice for the percussionist who needs to provide the low end.

This drum is versatile. Removing the external snare is simple and instantly creates a drum with an open, resonant tone. Adding the snare creates a crisp flamenco snare tone. The Jumbo model allows the player to choose between open bass tones and crisp snare tones.

Our drums ship with a 365-day guarantee. If you don’t like the drum, just pay return shipping and we’ll issue a refund. We’re confident you’ll love it.