SP2419 Making Tracks Recorder Explorations, Creations and Improvisations


SP2419 Making Tracks Recorder Explorations, Creations and Improvisations Book and CD by David Thaxton

The purpose of this book is to introduce a series of student-centered musical activities that foster creativity on recorder in a class setting. It may be used to supplement and parallel other classroom music lessons and may be used in conjunction with other recorder methods. Its primary aim is to give students the instruction, support and skill in learning to play and create on the recorder. Making Tracks is born from an active approach to teaching – it makes use of imitation, playing by ear, connections to language and movement, musical exploration and improvisation. As such it is not intended to be used with students reading sheet music placed in front of them. Rather, the teacher guides activities using “Sound Before Sight” and unfolds lessons by echoing, mirroring, call-and-response, small group work and singing games. By following a sequence of Imitation – Exploration – Improvisation, students not only gain skill in the technical aspects of playing recorder, but also an understanding of the elements of music, literacy and composition as they are given opportunities to improvise very early on. The pieces are arranged in a progressively sequential order. However, lessons that contain Basic, Intermediate and Advanced options are not meant to be taught sequentially one after the other. Rather, they are meant to be revisited later as skills are gained that match the needs for the lesson, so they are continually developed in a spiral fashion. Book includes a DVD with full color PowerPoint visuals.

Song Titles include”

Samurai Warmup
Say and Play
Hammer Out Your Name
Hammer Ring
The Spider and the Fly
Mel-LOW Buns
The Longest Train
Cabbage Head Blues
Captain Go Sidetrack Your Train
Secret Agent Recorder
Mission Improvable