LK001 El Mundo Es Mi Casa


LK001 El Mundo Es Mi Casa by By Valerio, Ana Isabel Saillant Koulish, Laura

El Mundo Es Mi Casa is a unique collaborative project by two elementary school teachers, poet Dr. Ana Isabel Saillant Valerio and musician Laura Koulish.

With humor and sensitivity, original children’s poems and songs in Spanish with English translations invite self-discovery, participation in a diverse, vibrant culture and environmental awareness. A link to a downloadable recording gives one access to songs, pronunciation and realization of percussion scores.

The book includes sequenced lessons for PreK-5, movement ideas, and 2-part songs, with connections to social studies, science, language and visual arts. Poetry explores identity, cultural background, family, neighborhood, diversity, world, shapes, colors, food, animals, the weather and seasons.

The book is designed for music teachers and teachers of dual-language and monolingual classes.

1.   Música Es Vida ~ Music Is Life
2.   Quien Soy Yo? ~ Who Am I?
3.   Mi Familia ~ My Family
4.   Mi Vecindario ~ My Neighborhood
5.   Mi Cultura ~ My Culture
6.   El Mundo ~ The World
7.   Matemáticas con Mi Cuerpo ~ Body Math
8.   Colores ~ Colors
9.   La Comida ~ Food
10. Los Animales, Grandes y Pequeños ~ Animals, Large and Small
11. El Tiempo ~ The Weather
12. Las Estaciónes ~ The Seasons
13. Una Historia ~ A Story