12-0571522394 RecorderWorld Student Book 2

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12-0571522394     RecorderWorld Student Book 2  by Pam Wedgewood

RecorderWorld is an exciting and creative way to learn the recorder! It is a step-by-step teaching method with over 40 pieces in this second book, following on from the notes learnt in Book 1.

Concert pieces provide opportunities for performance straight away and there is plenty of opportunity for group work with duets, rounds and percussion boxes. Explore the world of improvisation and composition though imaginative starting points. ‘Fact files’ introduce new information about beats, musical markings and time signatures while ‘Clapping Games’ instil a strong sense of rhythm. ‘Quick Quizzes’ help revise and reinforce new concepts while lively cartoons and colorful stickers make it so much fun! This book introduces the notes low F-sharp, low D, B-flat, low F, C-sharp, top E, top F, low C, top F-sharp and top G.