SP2398 Recorder Repast


SP2398 Recorder Repast
This book and the three accompanying CD’s present specific lessons through fun songs, the purpse is to motivate students to learn and play.

This 3-CD Set is designed to help you learn to play the recorder. It is not an instruction book, yet it does contain fingerings and some “how-to” suggestions. It is mainly a collection of songs to motivate kids to play more. Each song is short, but designed to teach a specific skill. If you make it to the end, you’ll be a pretty good recorder player.

Each of the 3 CDs has something different on its label.

The one with the recorder on the plate is an audio CD that has the recorder part on it. The CD with only potatoes and peas is also an audio CD and has just the accompaniment, so you can use it as a play-along CD. The CD which has the “.pdf files” on the plate contains the printed music. You can use it with a PC or Mac as long as you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.