RMKCD4 Recorder Rock


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RMKCD4 Recorder Rock by Don Muro

Featuring todays “rock” sound with upbeat rhythm and electronic percussion. For intermediate recorder players, with four performance options: S, SS, SSA, SSAT. Includes 2 scores and CD accompaniment. “This composition is a departure from earlier works; its accompaniment is technically more sophisticated. The style of the background tape is a combination of disco and rock. The composition is intended for intermediate players who are comfortable soaring Into the upper octave with many high Es, Fs and Gs. It contains tied notes that are held over the bar line, creating syncopated rhythms that require careful attention. There is one high A in the final phrase that may pose a challenge to some players on some recorders. The melodic material is interesting and contrasts fast-moving eighth notes with sustained half and whole notes. Staccato and legato tonguing are required and forte is the only dynamic markings given. I have used Recorder Rock as a festival piece for gifted elementary and middle school students. It was a hit!”

Includes 2 Scores and 1 Accompaniment CD. For more Purchasing Options, please contact us!