MFCD5 Music for Creative Dance Volume 5


MFCD5   Music for Creative Dance Volume 5   Gemstome Series: Rose Quartz by Eric Chappelle / CD
Music For Creative Dance, Volume 5 This CD feature contrasts in tempo, texture, and other musical elements that correspond to the elements of dance. Each CD contains some pieces that contrast tempos, textures, volume or other elements within one piece, while other pieces create a continuous flow of music. Suitable for all ages, these original compositions and arrangements are used by classroom teachers, music and P.E. specialists, families and dance educators worldwide. The included PDF file outlines Creative Dance ideas by Anne Green Gilbert for each musical selection. The PDF is also available on the Aventurine Music website. Subtitled The Gemstone Series: Rose Quartz, Volume 5 is the first of four CDs continuing the tradition of Music for Creative Dance, Vols. 1 – 4. ‘The rich variety of tempos and styles in Eric Chappelle’s music inspires dancers of all ages and all ages to dance!’ – Anne Green Gilbert Artistic Director of the Creative Dance Center & Kaleidoscope Dance Company ‘Eric Chappelle is one of the most imaginative, original, exciting, supportive and generous dance musicians I have ever worked with. His music moves me.’

Selections include:

One For All
All Speeds Ahead
FocusAt the Crosswalk
Stop in to Rock
Select a Size
Birds of a Feather
Pink Dolphins of the Amazon
Pachelbel Canon Variations