MFCD3 Music for Creative Dance Volume 3


The “Contrast and Continuum Vols. I-IV: Music for Creative Dance” compiled by Eric Chappelle are CDs with recordings of dance accompaniment music featuring contrasts in tempo, texture, and other musical terms which correspond to the elements of dance. This CD includes ideas for creative dance (by Anne Greene Gilbert) that coordinate with her book, Creative Dance for All Ages.

1 Dakota Dawn
2 Rock ‘N Stop
3 Dancing Digits
4 The Bayou Both-Step
5 Raggedy March
6 Fiesta!
7 Breathe
8 Tambourine
9 Tempo Tantrum
10 Morning Fours
11 I Say, You Say
12 Fiddle Fantasy
13 Fairytale
14 Variations in Three
15 Mr. E
16 Celtic Suite
17 Skip the Jig
18 Planxty Irwin
19 Spootiskerry
20 Potpourri III