MBW002 Set 2: Composer Posters


MBW002      Set 2: Composer Posters

Introduce your students to 12 of the greatest female composers in history! From well-known composers to the lesser known, these posters will demonstrate to students that not all composers are men! Women have been writing music for centuries, and these posters give a broad representation of that fact.

Composers in Set 2 Include:

  • Kassia
  • Maddalena Casulana
  • Marianne von Martinez
  • Louise Farrenc
  • Cecile Chaminade
  • Germaine Tailleferre
  • Ruth Crawford Seeger
  • Undine Smith Moore
  • Alice Coltrane
  • Kaija Saariaho
  • Shirley Thompson
  • Judith Weir

Every day in music classrooms across the country, and across the world—from elementary classrooms, to graduate music libraries—half of all students fail to see themselves represented in walls plastered with posters of “The Great Composers” which feature only male images.

These portraits of some of the master female composers featured on our site will act as a mirror for young women to see themselves in the music curriculum, to see that they too can be successful and influential musicians.

We at MTEW hope that one day these posters are featured right alongside their male counterparts in a truly representative “Great Composers Collection” so that they may inspire future generations of female musicians and composers as well as well-informed consumers of beautiful music.

Each portrait was painted by hand with brush and ink by UK artist Margit van der Zwan, with blocks of color added in digitally.  These artistic posters are printed on museum-grade cardstock and are 11″x17″ each.