ECBDM Brain Dance Music


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ECBDM Brain Dance Music  by Eric Chappelle / CD

This CD contains a variety of musical selections of varying lengths to accompany various BrainDances. Some selections are narrated, some have cues, others are purely instrumental. There is also a selection of spoken nursery rhymes. Included with the CD is a BrainDance poster along with written material describing the BrainDance.

Selections include:

1 The Five Minute Braindance: Narration

2 The Five Minute Braindance: Chimes

3 The Eight Minute Braindance: Narration

4 The Eight Minute Braindance: Key Words

5 The Violin Braindance: Key Words

6 The Violin Braindance: Music

7 Atlas

8 Breath

9 Tactile

10 Core-Distal

11 Head-Tail

12 Upper-Lower

13 Body-Side

14 Eye-Tracking

15 Cross-Lateral

16 Vestibular

17 Breath: Bubble Gum

18 Tactile: Hickory Dickory Dock

19 Core-Distal: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

20 Head-Tail: Bounce Like a Ball

21 Head-Tail: Pussy Cat

22 Upper-Lower: I Shake My Hands

23 Body-Side: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

24 Cross-Lateral: Miss Mary Mack

25 Vestibular: Humpty Dumpty

26 Crawling, Creeping and Walking Patterns: Scaly Little Lizard