AC1019 Activate! Oct/Nov 2019


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AC1019 Activate! Oct/Nov 2019

A general music resource for music teachers by music teachers

Activate! is a general music teaching resource subscription for all involved in teaching elementary students. We believe that music and movement are essential tools for learning and student achievement. It is our goal to present quality content that is developmentally appropriate, practical, and educationally sound. We strive to provide you with enjoyable opportunities to engage students in active learning.


In this Issue Mari Schay 2
AYT Activate Asks 4
Hello, November! From Mixer to Ensemble Deborah Zehler 6
Halloween Song: A minor Song to Sing, Move, Play, and Improvise Deborah Cunningham 11
Skin and Bones: A Spooky Ensemble Paul Corbière 15
It´s Thanksgiving Day: Celebrate in Harmony Greg Gilpin 20
Anchors Aweigh: A Song of the U.S. Navy Doug Edwards 23
AYT Better Stewards of Culturally Responsive Teaching Patricia Bourne 28
AYT Giving Cultural Context to Teaching Native American Music Michelle McCauley 30
Non Nobis, Domine: A Choral Prep Guide Katie O´Connor-Ballantyne 33
Non Nobis, Domine: Octavo Franz Joseph Haydn 37
AYT Moving the Dial Toward Love and Acceptance Mari Schay 40
Marking Ukulele Chords: Two Strategies Mari Schay 42
First Lessons on the Ukulele: Creativity for All Abby Blair 43
Begin with the Blues: Soloing with Ukulele Will Ulrich 47
Open-String Groove: Improvising over a Percussion Ostinato Michael Checco 51
Look in a Book Jeanette Morgan 54
Skin and Bones for the Uke: Play an Old Song a New Way Paul Corbière 55
Put the Kids in Charge of Their Learning: A Keyboard Unit Mari Schay 58
AYT Positive Classroom Culture: The Long Road is the Short Path Russ Kleiner 62
Mr. Melody´s Adventures: Strategies for Learning Treble Clef Deborah Zehler 64
Sing, Sophie! Low, Middle, High Katie Grace Miller 67
Games to Promote Solo Singing: Normalize Singing Alone Loretta K Mitchell 70
Steady Beat and the Quarter Note: Read, Write, and Play the Beat Blake Siskavich 74
AYT Flexible and Fabulous: Partly Participating Katie Grace Miller 78
Meet Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn Charlene Heldt 79
Programmatic Music Composition Project: Stretch a Story with Music Erik Whitehill 82
Calendars 86
Family Connections: Exploring Music at Home Michelle McCauley 87
Worksheets 88