AC0819 Activate! Aug/Sept 2019


AC0819 Activate! Aug/Sept 2019 A general music resource for music teachers by music teachers

Activate! is a general music teaching resource subscription for all involved in teaching elementary students. We believe that music and movement are essential tools for learning and student achievement. It is our goal to present quality content that is developmentally appropriate, practical, and educationally sound. We strive to provide you with enjoyable opportunities to engage students in active learning.


Heat of the Day: An Ensemble for Recorder and Percussion 0
ActivateOnline Access information 1
In this Issue Mari Schay 2
AYT Activate Asks 4
AYT Flexible and Fabulous: Building Community Relationships Katie Grace Miller 6
Music Class Chant: Bring a Growth Mindset to Music Class Deborah Cunningham 7
Close the Garden Gate: A Name Game with a Twist 10
Rhythm Building Blocks: Using Positive Messages Kelly Mraz 14
Summer Time: Reviewing Simple Rhythms with Word Chains Jennifer Patterson 17
AYT • This Is Who the Kids Need Me to Be Russ Kleiner 20
Being a Life-long Cultural Learner Liza Meyers 22
The Black Handkerchief: A Game Song from Ethiopia Maggie Smith 24
Bonse Aba: A Choral Prep Guide 28
Bonse Aba: Octavo Victor C Johnson 32
Agnus Dei: In the Style of the African/Caribbean Diaspora 37
Resources for Music from Sub-Saharan Africa Liza Meyers 42
AYT • Expanding Your Toolbox: World Music Pedagogy Book Review Patricia Bourne 45
Sing, Dance, Chant, and Play Brian Hiller 47
Mouse Count: One to Ten and Back Again 50
Good Night, Owl: A Low and High Lesson Katie Grace Miller 55
An Introduction to Brazilian Bossa Nova