AC0220 Activate! Feb/March 2020


AC0220 Activate! Feb/March 2020 A general music resource for music teachers by music teachers

Activate! is a general music teaching resource subscription for all involved in teaching elementary students. We believe that music and movement are essential tools for learning and student achievement. It is our goal to present quality content that is developmentally appropriate, practical, and educationally sound. We strive to provide you with enjoyable opportunities to engage students in active learning.


In This issue Mari Schay 2
AYT Activate Asks 4
Rattlin´ Bog: A Cumulative Song and Ensemble Doug Edwards 6
Stars I Shall Find: A Choral Prep Guide Katie O´Connor-Ballantyne 10
Stars I Shall Find: Choral Octavo Victor Johnson 14
AYT Reading Between the Lines: Unpacking the national Core Arts Standards Abby Blair 17
Love Somebody: African American Musicians´ Impact on Music Today Brandi Waller-Pace 24
Old House: A Call-and-Response Construction project D Brian Weese 27
Fed My Horse: a Hambone Lesson Kelly Mraz 32
AYT Know Before You Go: International Teaching Maggie Smith 35
Red: A Crayon´s Story: A Major Lesson with a Minor Focus Katie Grace Miller 38
Super Jumbo: Learn to Play a Crossover Bordun Kathryn Finch 42
Dory´s Revenge: A Barred Percussion Ensemble Mari Schay 46
AYT Flexible and Fabulous: Your Smallest Musicians are Your Biggest Responsibili Katie Grace Miller 50
Powerful Proverbs: Connecting Language to Rhythm Deborah Cunningham 51
I Got a Letter: A Rhythm-Reading Singing Game Stephanie Benischek 56
Rhythms Feel Good: A Rhythmic Play-Along Katie Grace Miller 59
Jump, Jump, Turn Around: Call-and-Response Improvisation Eric Shopmeyer 62
Get Comfortable with Swing: Big Band for Beginners Kelly Mraz 67
Winter Jazz Waltz: For Soprano Recorder Will Ulrich 70
Big Band and Swing: Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington Charlene Heldt 75
Composing with Chrome Music Lab: Using Technology to Deepen Learning Mari Schay 77
Family Connections Julie Thompson 80
Calendars 81
Reproducible Worksheets 83