AC0219 Activate! Feb/March 2019


AC0219 Activate! Feb/March 2019 A general music resource for music teachers by music teachers

Activate! is a general music teaching resource subscription for all involved in teaching elementary students. We believe that music and movement are essential tools for learning and student achievement. It is our goal to present quality content that is developmentally appropriate, practical, and educationally sound. We strive to provide you with enjoyable opportunities to engage students in active learning.


Activate Asks 4
Culturally Responsive Music Classrooms Patricia Bourne 6
Ida Red Mandy Coffee 8
Great Big House Deborah Cunningham 10
The Very Lonely Firefly Donna Dirksing 14
Lesson Plan: Pete Pete Katie O´Connor-Ballantyne 16
Vocal Score: Pete Pete Victor C Johnson 20
Flexible and Fabulous Katie Grace Miller 24
Small Acts Deborah A Imiolo 26
12-Bar Blues Artie Almeida 29
All About Jack Donna Dirksing 30
Cedar House Blues Paul Corbière 34
Syncopation Station Doug Edwards 42
Lean on the Loop Mark Shelton 46
Jazz Connections 49
Tech Talk Russ Kleiner 50
Take Five Phyllis Thomas 51
Here Comes Valerie Charlene Heldt 54
Lucky Shamrock Donna Rehorn 56
Differentiation Mari Schay 58
Adaptations in the Music Classroom Stephanie Palmer 60
Hard Rhythms Made Simple Liza Meyers 62
Look in a Book 65
Friendship Rhythms Katie Grace Miller 66
Guess Who´s Here Amanda Lippert 69
Paddy Works on the Railway Jennifer Patterson 72
Book Review: Teach Like a Champion Mari Schay 75
Sub Tub / Worksheets 76
Family Connections Julie Thompson 77
February Calendar 78
March Calendar 79